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We provide our services across many disciplines and industries. Our customers include successful companies dealing with logistics and electricity, operating in the woodworking and green industries (Industry 4.0), in the chcemical industry or petrochemicals.  

We provide qualified personnel ensuring mechanical and electrical assembly of technologies based on the client´s request

  • We ensure the installation of new technologies
  • We do retrofits
  • We arrange for the relocation of old technologies

  • We provide professional assistance and support services during commissioning or ensuring maintenance
  • We ensure external project management with a focus on quality

  • We will design a technical solution, perform static calculations, optimization and engineering

We will ensure the production and delivery of products or other specific elements according to the customer´s specifications in cooperation with our verified suppliers

We implement:

  • Steel constructions
  • Conveyors
  • Anti-radiation tunnels and more

  • We regularly supervise the professional quality of our suppliers

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